Heinz Waelchli, Founder – Plentiful

That Little Voice Inside You? I’ve Heard It Too

For three decades, I wore the corporate badge. Looming office buildings, coffee-stained reports, promotions – you name it. I had it all, but there often was this faint voice, humming in the background, asking, “Is this it?”

Ever felt that? That silent scream for a journey that’s more than just meetings and paychecks?

Life’s Aha Moments Come When You Least Expect

Then, life served a cocktail of introspection. Witnessing my mom battle dementia wasn’t just heart-wrenching—it was my wake-up call to value every ticking second. The truest clarity? It didn’t strike in a plush office. It hit me while I was clinging to a 2,000-foot cliff. Crazy? Maybe. But that daring escapade made one thing crystal clear: Life’s too short for ‘what-ifs.’

From Corporate Suits to Soulful Pursuits

Amidst the adrenaline and reflection, ‘Plentiful’ was born. Not just as a company or a platform, but as a revolt against the mundane. It’s an oasis of healing, growth, and pure, unadulterated passion. It’s about genuine connections, devoid of pretense. A space where every handshake is grounded in trust, where growth isn’t measured in numbers but in personal transformations.

Regrets? Tossed Them Out of the Window

Today, I don’t look back. Life’s a canvas of endless possibilities. Every day feels like an unwrapped gift. And with Plentiful, I’m on a mission to help you feel the same electric charge in your life.

Let’s Dive into Life’s Deep End

If you’re hungry for more meaning, more life, and more soulful adventures—well, my friend, it’s time. In this boundless ocean of life, opportunities are waves, waiting to be surfed. Plentiful is your surfboard. Ready to ride? Let’s embrace this mesmerizing journey together. Because, trust me, the view from the deep end? It’s spectacular.

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle,
and gorgeous at the end.

- Robin Sharma

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to democratize holistic well-being and personal growth. This means making support for every dimension of well-being – mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, financial, and career – accessible to all.

Our Values

We believe in liberating your brightest life through integrity, quality, inspiration, action, and inclusivity. These values drive everything we do, including how we vet our practitioner’s character and quality of services as well as how we engage with our client community.

Founder's Statement

I am committed to making Plentiful a beacon of transformation, where you will find the inspiration and support to shine brightly. Your journey here is an opportunity to change for the better, to embrace the boundless opportunities that await – within and outside of you.

– Heinz

We are waiting for you.