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The Heart of Italy Dolomites Hiking Tour


Explore the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with heart. Hike where every view is a postcard, eat savory culinary delights, stay in charming, family owned huts, and unwind at lovely local hotels. Book a unique and truly unforgettable trip!
June 29 – July 6, 2024

Session Type : Retreat
Modality : In Person
Language : English
Date : From 06-29-2024
Duration : 8 days
Location : Dolomites, Italy

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Dolomites Hiking Tour: June 29 – July 6, 2024

Starts and Ends: Venice, Italy
Duration: 8 days and 7 nights

Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging – need to be able to hike 8 hours a day with occasional significant elevation gain. The terrain is a mix of dirt, gravel, and grassy trails, some steep climbs, and rocks. Depending on the weather, the terrain can be muddy and slippery. Occasionally have run into snow in altitude. Help with a training program available and encouraged!

Group size: 6-8 participants
Daily Hikes: Range from 8-14 miles. The trip begins in town with length and elevation options to acclimate.
Elevation Gain: 646 – 4,500 feet
Accommodations: Beautiful locally-owned hotels in San Cassiano and Fie. There are no single supplement fees.
Three Mountain Huts, examples: Rifugios Pisciadù, Gardenaccia and Vicenza/Langkofelhütte

– 7 Nights / 8 days
– Hiking, exploring, and relaxing in a UNESCO World Heritage site
– Group Pick-up/Drop-off from Venice Airport
– All Transportation within the Dolomites
– All accommodations – First 2 nights and last 2 nights in beautiful local hotels and 3 nights experiencing three incredible mountain huts
– Breakfasts & Dinners, including a special last night dinner at an exquisite local 0 km hidden secret
– Guide to lead you, provide local knowledge and safety
– Local wine tasting in a wine cellar with over 1900 labels, 24,000 bottles from every corner of the world
– Single occupancy except in huts or other accommodations where rooms are limited.

Not Included:
– Airfare
– Lunches
– Alcohol (excluding Welcome Aperitivo and Wine Tasting)
– Travel Insurance (required)
– Trip Guide tip (always optional, always appreciated)

Come truly experience a week like an Italian ~ daily hiking, fine Italian gastronomy, wine tasting, and so many personal touches from an expert in the region, all for an incredible price! Book your Dolomites Hiking Tour today!


Life, la vita in Italian, happens and when it does, it's understandable that you want to know how your vacation is covered. Especially with Covid-19 and its variants, so much is unknown and travel can change, for many reasons. Therefore, here is the Vitality Active Travel Cancellation Policy.

Cancellation Policy

Fees Before Tour's Start

90 days before your tour's start date, Full Payment is required and the Deposit is non-refundable

89 - 30 days before your trip's start date,
75% of the total trip's price is non-refundable

After 30 days before your trip's start date,
100% of the total trip's price is non-refundable

Terms and Conditions

Vitality Active Travel Liability Release
VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL, VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL, INC., its and their employees, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, successors, representatives and assigns (collectively VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL) does not own or operate any entity which provides, or is to provide, goods or services for your trip including, for example, lodging facilities, transportation companies, food service or entertainment providers, equipment suppliers, operators of recreational, adventure or other activities (regardless of whether such activities are included as part of the VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL trip itinerary), babysitters or daycare providers, etc. As a result, VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL is not liable for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any such third person, or of any other third party.
In addition, I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate in the trip designated on this application. I am voluntarily participating in this trip with the knowledge of the numerous risks and dangers involved including but not limited to: negligence in any manner on the part of VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL including, without limitation, negligence in the conduct or arrangement of the trip in any respect from inception to completion, negligence with regard to bicycle selection or maintenance, the use, installation or maintenance of any optional or add-on equipment such as pedals, odometers, mirrors, bar ends, etc., in the maintenance or operation of any van or other motor vehicle utilized to transport passengers, etc.; acts of God or force majeure, acts of war or civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, acts of government, strikes or other labor activities; physical exertion for which I am not prepared; negligent or reckless cycling by the participant or others; inability to properly operate a bicycle; forces of nature; weather conditions; transportation failures or the failure of any transportation mechanism to arrive or depart timely or safely, whether by plane, train, auto, boat, canoe, kayak, bicycle, ski, horseback or other animal, by foot, or by any other conveyance; consumption of alcoholic beverages; risks associated with food or impure water; terrorism or the threat thereof; criminal activity; bites from or dangers associated with wild or other animals, pests or insects; negligence or willful misconduct by third parties; breakdown or failure of bicycles or other equipment; financial default of any supplier; high altitude; accident or illness without access to means of rapid evacuation or availability of medical supplies or services; the adequacy of medical attention once provided; epidemics or the threat thereof including, but not limited to, exposure to COVID-19 by any means of transmission; stolen, lost, or misplaced luggage or property; and theft or break-ins into vans, lodging rooms or elsewhere. I acknowledge that the enjoyment and excitement of adventure travel is derived in part from the inherent risks incurred by travel and activity beyond the accepted safety of life at home or work and that these inherent risks contribute to such enjoyment and excitement, being a reason for my participation. I HEREBY AGREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN WELFARE AND ACCEPT ANY AND ALL RISKS OF DELAY, UNANTICIPATED EVENTS, INCONVENIENCE, ILLNESS, INJURY, EMOTIONAL TRAUMA OR DEATH.
I acknowledge that the cost of all VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL trips is based upon trip participants executing this Release of Liability, Assumption of All Risks, and Binding Arbitration Agreement. I agree that this Agreement shall be legally binding upon me personally, all members of my family and all minors traveling with me and their heirs, successors, assigns, and legal representatives, it being my intention fully to assume all the risks associated with this trip and to release VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL from any and all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law.
MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS: I understand that VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL reserves the right to take photographic or film records of any of its trips and hereby agree that VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL may use any such photographic or film records for promotional and/or commercial purposes, as well as approve such use by third parties with whom VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL may engage in joint marketing, without any remuneration to me. I hereby assign all right, title, and interest I may have in or to any and all media in which my name or likeness might be used by VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL.
I agree to follow all written and verbal rules of safety presented to me by VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL. I understand that VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL reserves the right to refuse as a trip participant, or remove from a trip, without refund, any person it judges to be incapable of meeting the rigors and requirements of participating in the activities, or who is abusive to other trip participants, leaders or third parties, or who it determines to detract from the enjoyment of the trip by others. VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL reserves the right to make route, hotel, itinerary and trip modifications as required or desirable to improve the trip quality and/or to accommodate the comfort and well-being of guests.
BINDING ARBITRATION: I agree that any dispute concerning, relating or referring to this Agreement, the website or any other literature concerning my trip, or the trip itself, shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration pursuant to the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. §§ 1-16, pursuant to the Comprehensive Arbitration Rules & Procedures of the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc. (JAMS). Such proceedings will be governed by substantive (but not procedural) California law without consideration of the California Arbitration Act and will take place in San Francisco, CA. Except for trips in California, the California Vehicle Code will be inapplicable to my trip or any claim arising therefrom. The arbitrator and not any federal, state, or local court or agency shall have exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to the interpretation, applicability, enforceability, conscionability, or formation of this Agreement, including but not limited to any claim that all or any part of this Agreement is void or voidable. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, I, as well as Vitality Active Travel, waive our right to a trial by jury.
KNOWING & VOLUNTARY EXECUTION: I have carefully read and fully understand the contents and legal ramifications of this Agreement as well as all the conditions as stated in the IMPORTANT INFORMATION section of the current VITALITY ACTIVE TRAVEL brochures, including but not limited to, those regarding cancellation and refund policies. Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason, including but not limited to, weather, terrorism, civil unrest, personal, family or medical emergencies. I understand that this is a legally binding and enforceable contract and sign it of my own free will. I agree that if any portion of this agreement is found to be void or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.


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Dolomites, Rocca Pietore, Province of Belluno, Italy

Dolomites, Rocca Pietore, Province of Belluno, Italy

Vitality Active Travel, led by the world traveler and expert guide Laura Sander, specializes in custom and organized hiking and biking tours worldwide. With a background as an Active Travel Guide and having traveled to all seven continents, Laura brings extensive experience to travel and tourism. Having led trips across Europe, South America, Central America, and Asia, her expertise spans Trip Design, Guiding, Marketing, and several other areas. Known for being meticulous, organized, and personable, Laura also holds a Wilderness First Responder certification.

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