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Get Unstuck Coaching Call

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Feeling stuck in life or business? Frustrated, confused, or unfulfilled? Get unstuck with a Coaching Call. Gain clarity on goals, set achievable outcomes, and create momentum. I’ll guide you with powerful questioning and proven tools. Reconnect with your true self and take the next step towards success. Duration: 60 minutes.

Session Type : 1-on-1
Modality : Virtual
Language : English

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Are you currently navigating through a challenging chapter in your life or business? Undoubtedly yearning for guidance and a transformative shift? Embark on a profound Get Unstuck Coaching Call with Emily Todd, a seasoned expert in catalyzing positive change. If you find yourself tangled in frustration, confusion, or unfulfillment, this is your invitation to break free. Emily’s sessions are not just about unraveling the knots. Above all, her coaching calls are about rediscovering your core, your aspirations, and the potential that lies within you.

Picture this: a personalized journey where Emily, with her wealth of experience, will help you untangle the complexities, providing a fresh perspective on your path forward. It’s an exploration into the depths of your desires. It is also the creation of a roadmap that identifies your goals AND outlines the actionable steps to achieve them. This is not merely a consultation. This is a transformative experience tailored to empower you with the tools and insights needed to spark significant momentum and get unstuck in your life or business.

Emily Todd’s approach is a seamless blend of powerful questioning and proven methodologies. Her passion specifically lies in facilitating your journey towards self-discovery, clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose. It’s about reigniting that fire within, reminding you of the incredible person you are and the incredible potential you possess.

Are you finally ready to transcend the current challenges, embrace a renewed sense of direction, and infuse your life with unstoppable momentum? If so, seize this opportunity! Book a Get Unstuck coaching call with Emily Todd and embark on a transformative voyage toward your best self. Your breakthrough awaits; let Emily guide you toward the empowered, inspired life you deserve.

Get Unstuck Coaching Call: The fee is non-refundable. The $185 rate will only apply to first-time clients.

Clients have the opportunity to reschedule an appointment up to 24 hours before the originally scheduled booking, with no penalty and subject to the availability of the practitioner. Clients must log in to their account, find the booking, and reschedule before the 24-hour window expires.

After the 24-hour window has passed, the option to reschedule an appointment will no longer be available, and the client will not be entitled to a refund.

4-Month 1:1 Empowerment Coaching Package & 4-Month 1:1 Business Coaching: To see if we're a fit for working together in a long-term capacity, we'll first schedule a free 45-Minute Connection Call to:

1. Dig into what's happening in your world.

2. Uncover what's blocking you.

3. Gain clarity on what you desire to achieve from working together.

4. If we're both a full body yes to working together, we’ll align on the best Coaching & Mentorship package option for you and review payment options.

3 reviews for Get Unstuck Coaching Call

  1. 3 Reviews

    Prudence D. (verified client)

    I had a transformative first experience with Emily. I booked the session impulsively, drawn in by its description. Feeling stuck and unable to pursue traditional therapy, I needed unbiased guidance to navigate my thoughts and emotions. Unsure about what to expect initially, Emily’s warmth and comfort began with the first email and continued throughout our session. Despite my nervousness, her genuine excitement put me at ease. She asked the right questions without overshadowing my voice, helping me gain perspective and motivation to take small steps forward. I’m considering regular sessions based on whatever my finances allow. I appreciate that Plentiful gives me the flexibility to do so. Emily, you’re a shining light – thank you for making a difference in my life.

  2. 3 Reviews

    Laura S. (verified client)

    Emily was an excellent coach who really helped me gain clarity on where I want to go next in my career. I entered the call with some loose ideas of what to do, and I ended the call firmly planted in my resolve. She was really kind, friendly and we had a great connection off the bat. She really helped me understand that I need to focus on what is right for me not what other’s might say is easier or “right”. I would really recommend her to anyone feeling stuck or anyone who needs a push to the next step in their career.

  3. 3 Reviews

    Gina A G. (verified client)

    Emily was on-time and extremely enthusiastic to be there with me. She reviewed what the call would cover and was able to share her accreditation as an ICF Coach. Over the course of the 1.5 hour session, Emily was able to effectively get to the heart of the matter. I was able to determine where and why I was “stuck” and helped me lay out a plan to follow so that I am living in “alignment with my desires”. Without being too “hippy-dippy” or too serious, Emily was empathetic and encouraging while guiding me through the exercises. If you have ever been to a shrink, this was way more fun, engaging and thought provoking–a personal cheerleader jumping up and down (figuratively) for an hour and a half. I didn’t want the session to end. Before the session ended, we did some energy work on how to interrupt “the anxiety brain”, which I suffer from.

    After the session, Emily sent me an overview of my “plan” and what we talked about, which is awesome because I can’t read my handwriting.

    I would highly recommend Emily to get you unstuck!

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St. George, UT, USA

St. George, UT, USA

Emily Todd, an ICF-certified Personal Freedom and Business Coach, founded Burnout Academy to help women break free from the 9-5 grind and align with their desires. With 15 years in corporate leadership, she shifted from a Director of Growth to pursuing a life true to herself. Emily aids in heart-led business growth, unapologetic self-expression, burnout recovery, aligned career changes, purpose discovery, and breaking societal norms. Grounded in leadership and certified in various coaching approaches, her method combines mindset, strategy, energetics, and somatic embodiment.

Store name : Emily Todd Coaching

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