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Intuitive Readings & Psychic Guidance Package


Experience a profound journey towards clarity and support through my unique intuitive abilities. With channeling, mediumship, energy work, intuition, and psychic guidance, I’ll help you navigate life’s challenges and mysteries. Connect with me today to explore the depths of your soul and find the answers you seek. This package includes 3 sessions. Duration: 60 minutes each.

Session Type : 1-on-1
Modality : Virtual
Language : English
Duration: 3 Sessions / 3 Months

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Experience a transformative journey with our one-hour sessions conducted seamlessly online. With out package of three intuitive guidance readings, each session is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, guided by the wisdom of Spirit. Whether you arrive with specific questions, goals, or uncertainties, or simply seek to explore the missing pieces in your life, we’re here to illuminate your path.

In the course of our time together, I harness various intuitive techniques, such as channeling, mediumship, energy work, and psychic guidance, to empower you with:

* Next Steps for Your Goals: Unlock the blueprint for your dreams and ambitions.
* Clearing Obstacles: Remove barriers hindering your path to fulfillment.
* Navigating Relationships: Find solutions to complex interpersonal challenges.
* Emotional Healing: Mend wounds and discover emotional equilibrium.
* Dream Pursuit: Regain momentum and pursue your aspirations.
* Baggage Reduction: Lighten your load on your life’s journey.
* Self-Trust: Cultivate confidence in your inner wisdom.
* Heart Unblocking: Free your heart from lingering constraints.
* Clarity and Guidance: Gain insight and direction.
* Enhancing Intuition: Amplify your innate intuitive abilities.
* Empowerment: Uncover your inner strength and voice.
* Self-Love: Reconnect with your true self and embrace self-love.

After each intuitive guidance reading, you’ll depart armed with practical tools and exercises to further nurture your personal growth. Your journey doesn’t end with the session; I’m readily available for feedback and follow-up questions via email.

If you sense an untapped inner strength waiting to emerge, if you possess knowledge but doubt your ability to follow your intuition, if your hidden gifts yearn to surface, or if past traumas continue to hold you back, together, we’ll embark on a profound exploration of your true self.

Are you ready to uncover the depths of your inner power and intuition? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Cancellations and rescheduled appointments made up to 24 hours before a scheduled appointment will be eligible for a refund, minus processing fees. Clients must log in to their account, find the booking, and cancel or reschedule before the 24-hour window expires.

After the 24-hour window has passed, the option to cancel or reschedule an appointment will no longer be available, and the client will not be entitled to a refund.



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Los Angeles, CA, USA

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Shelley Moreno, an avid traveler, has explored 19 countries, but her true journey has been experiential and spiritual. Overcoming addiction, surviving cancer twice, and confronting repressed trauma shaped her path. She found light in the darkness, learned self-acceptance, and embraced her intuition. Now, she guides others on their journeys, drawing from her diverse life experiences in the arts, corporate world, and cancer advocacy. Currently, she's writing a book on healing from sexual abuse while cherishing life in Los Angeles with her teenage son and their beloved cat, Oliver Earth.

Store name : Sacred Consulting

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