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Vedic Astrology Reading


In this Vedic astrology reading, I’ll analyze your birth chart to reveal planetary influences on your career, health, and relationships, and take a peek into the future. Duration: 60 minutes.

Session Type : 1-on-1
Modality : Virtual
Language : English, Spanish

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Thirteen years ago, in India, an astrologer told me that I would soon meet my next boyfriend in his shop. A few days later, we met there, and we are still together. In this meeting, I am going to share the amazing tradition of Vedic astrology (Indian astrology) with you by reading your own astrology chart.

In your chart, we will see situations from the past, the present, and also what it predicts about the near future. One of the main differences between Western and Vedic astrology is that Vedic has a fascinating predictive power, much finer than Western.

Your Vedic Astrology reading will help you better understand your life from the different planets in your birth chart and what their meanings are. We will see, for example, what your most outstanding qualities are, in which fields you could shine at a professional level, how to improve your finances, what to take into account in your relationships, possible health issues, etc.

The reading also includes the answers to your questions, which may arise from the reading and/or that you can have already prepared if you wish.

If you wish to have a quick look at your children’s or your partner’s chart as well during your reading, please have their birth details (including their exact time of birth) at hand during the session. That way, we will be able to see what their charts are showing about them for this present period or even for the near future.

I will also send you a PDF with the graphic of your chart and the location of your planets in the different astrological houses and signs for future reference.

Please, when booking the experience, send me your birth details so that I’m able to prepare your reading before our appointment.

The required information is:

Birthdate (date, month, year)
Exact time of birth (please check on your birth certificate if you aren’t sure)
City and province of birth
Country of birth

If you don’t know your exact time of birth, unfortunately, it won’t be possible to do the reading.

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Lima PE

Texas, USA

Hello! I am Sharon and I am Peruvian.
My first encounter with this tradition was 10 years ago, in India, when I was fascinated by the accuracy of and astrological reading that I had and all that that meant.
My teacher in India, with whom I spend a season each year in the Himalayas, comes from a family of ancient tradition. In fact, he is from generation # 31 of his family, who is dedicated to astrology. I am very fortunate to have connected with him and his tradition, and to be able to receive his knowledge.
I studied Psychology and for several years I have also dedicated myself to Vedic Astrology in a professional way, doing astrological readings to clients around the world and writing a blog about astrology that receives thousands of visitors.

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