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Astrology Workshop for Team Building Events

From: $200

Unlock your team’s potential with our astrology team-building event! Discover your birth maps while honing teamwork skills. Enhance communication and collaboration as you delve into individual strengths, personality traits, and team compatibility. Join us for a fun, enlightening experience! Minimum Participants: 4 / Maximum Participants: 20. Duration: 60 minutes.

Session Type : Group
Modality : Virtual
Language : English

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The online astrology team building workshop offers an entertaining way to engage your team members. During this event, I’ll introduce you to your birth charts, and in a fun and interactive manner, we’ll explore how you can enhance teamwork while gaining insights into your unique qualities and strengths.

This group event is designed to foster better communication and collaboration among team members. It places emphasis on recognizing individual strengths, personality traits, and team compatibility. Through exploring the astrological influences that shape our personalities, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their colleagues, fostering empathy and promoting a harmonious working environment.

Moreover, the astrology team building workshop will delve into the synergies and potential challenges that may arise when different astrological energies come together. By understanding these dynamics, teams can learn to navigate interpersonal dynamics more effectively, mitigating conflicts and leveraging the diverse talents within the group.

To facilitate the booking process, I will be reaching out to you a few days before the event to collect a list of the following birthday details for each participant:

* Name
* Birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY)
* Birth Time (Hour and Minutes)
* Location (Town, Country)

I’m eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work with you and your team!

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Andrada Dara, an ardent astrology enthusiast, embarked on a lifelong journey in this ancient art, mastering traditional and esoteric astrology, numerology, and Human Design. Over 13 years, she became a seasoned professional astrologer, completing a 4-year diploma in Psychological Astrology in January 2020. Andrada passionately promotes astrology's holistic benefits, believing it empowers individuals to make choices within the Universe's intricate order. In her sessions, she explores birth charts, numerology, and Human Design, offering valuable insights to optimize life cycles. Her mission is to help people realize their true potential and become their best selves.

Store name : Andrada Astrology

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