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Becoming An Anxiety Alchemist


Is anxiety getting in the way of you living a life beyond your wildest dreams?  On our journey together, we will create a whole new way of relating to anxiety. We will rewrite the contents of your thoughts, identify behaviors for change that evoke those uncomfortable sensations, and discover how these sensations can be happening for you, instead of to you. Walk away with a personalized meditation and a whole new way of thinking and moving in the world. Duration: 2 sessions, 60 minutes each (with communication and actionable items between sessions).

Session Type : 1-on-1
Modality : Virtual
Language : English
Duration: 2 Sessions / 1 Months

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ANXIETY. How many times a day are you using or hearing this word?  It is ubiquitous. But are we even aware of what we are talking about when we use this word?  We are going to slow down and find YOUR best way to deal with anxiety by creating a new way of relating to this word and the sensations that come along with it. Join me on a transformative odyssey as we delve into the art of becoming an Anxiety Alchemist.

We will find the places where renaming what you are experiencing will be helpful, identify the behaviors that you have that actually create more of the sensations, and maybe even help you start to appreciate what is happening for you so that you can have a more intimate relationship with your own needs.

As we navigate this transformation, what once felt like an overwhelming discomfort will metamorphose into a guiding North Star leading you back to yourself. Our journey doesn’t end with our meetings (2 sessions, 60 minutes each) — guidance will flow seamlessly through emails and voice notes, ensuring continuous support between our transformative rendezvous.

Picture yourself walking away not just with insights on the best way to deal with anxiety, but armed with a personalized meditation, a potent tool to carry forward into the tapestry of your daily life. It’s not just a coaching session; it’s a profound shift, an exploration of the uncharted territories within, and an unveiling of the resilient, empowered self you are destined to become.


Your packages are non-refundable and must be used within 6-months of purchase.

Please cancel your sessions at least 12 hours in advance. If not canceled within this time frame, the session will be deducted from your package. I am aware that things come up, and I ask that you have as much reverence for my time as I have for yours. In the event, I have to cancel, I will provide the same 12-hour notice and will attempt to reschedule with you within the same week, when possible.


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Gulfport, FL, USA

Gulfport, FL, USA

Kate's journey is incredibly inspiring and highlights her deep commitment to both personal growth and helping others. Her specialized training in Applied Behavior Analysis and her subsequent exploration of Acceptance Commitment Therapy demonstrate her dedication to understanding and addressing the complexities of human behavior and emotions. Through her own struggles, she has gained firsthand knowledge of various healing practices, from yoga to Buddhism, which have equipped her with the tools to effectively guide her clients toward self-acceptance and positive change.

Store name : Kate Nasuti Coaching

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