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Personal Intensive Retreat


Experience 2 full days at Squared Away Ranch where you’ll have the opportunity to engage in powerful embodiment practices, learn specialized nervous system techniques and spend transformative time with our herd of horses.

Session Type : Retreat
Modality : In Person

Location : Weatherford, Texas

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Personal Intensive Retreat
A 2-day transformative, immersive experience designed with you and for you.
At least one week before your retreat, we’ll prepare with a 75-minute session to gain clarity, define the focus, and co-create our time according to your needs and desires.

Next, we’ll spend two full days at my home, Squared Away Ranch in Weatherford, Texas engaging in a customized program combining embodiment experiences, nervous system regulation, horses, nature, conversation, and coaching.

Please plan to arrive the afternoon before and depart the morning after your retreat. Within 7 days after the retreat, we’ll have a 75-minute follow-up session to process reflections. We’ll discuss integrating your insights and experiences into daily life and defining “next steps.” Personal Intensives are scheduled according to both our calendars and can often be on short notice if needed. Additional days can be added for $1,000/day.

Lodging & Meals:
You are welcome to stay in our home in our guest bedroom with a queen bed and private bath. My husband also lives here but he goes to work very early in the morning, so we’ll have the days to ourselves. We also have a friendly dog and cat that will most likely make himself scarce.

If you prefer to stay in a nearby hotel or Airbnb, I can make recommendations. No matter which accommodation you choose, the retreat fee will remain the same. Your first evening here, we’ll have dinner at home. I’m happy to accommodate dietary restrictions if you have them. Breakfast and lunch are also included. The second night, we can go out to dinner in Fort Worth. You’re welcome to bring and store your own food in our refrigerator.

“Before working with Kathy, I was overwhelmed at work and at home, unconfident and I didn’t trust myself to make good decisions. I was also an excellent procrastinator. I’d tried to make changes before, but nothing ever lasted very long. Kathy helped me change the way I think so that I no longer believe “This is just who I am and I can’t change it.” I take the time to reflect on and identify my emotions and realize my thoughts are mine to change. I have found a comfort with myself that has been missing for a while. This will allow me to be a better leader in my practice so that my
business will grow as I do” ~ Dr. Rachel Perry, Serene Dental Aesthetics

Unlocking Embodied Intelligence: A Journey to Self-Discovery and Transformation
This purchase is non-refundable. You may, however, transfer it to another person upon notification.


Personal Intensive Retreat: No cancellation or refunds within 2 weeks of your retreat. No refunds for early departure.


Private Coaching - THE COACHING RELATIONSHIP: As your coach, I am here to serve as a supportive partner in your ongoing journey of discovery, growth, integration, goal setting and goal-reaching—both professionally and personally.

Coaching is not a replacement for therapy, or business and financial consulting, and I, Kathy Taylor, am neither a therapist/counselor nor a certified business or financial advisor. If you are currently receiving any other related support, therapeutic, professional, or otherwise, I encourage you to appropriately inform all of us about each other’s work with you to help ensure that our collective work with you can be most mutually supportive in realizing your overall goals.

DELIVERY OF SERVICES/OUTCOMES - Coaching will take place via video call or in person in Weatherford, TX unless otherwise specified.

My coaching is informed by models and modalities such as NLP, trauma-informed coaching, Natural Lifemanship and embodied cognitive neuroscience. The outcomes and changes you experience will largely be a direct result of your own level of commitment, energy, focus, and action.

THE COACHING SESSIONS- Length of Sessions: Coaching sessions/calls are typically 60 minutes.

It will be beneficial for you to set aside 15 minutes after our sessions to complete your own session notes and solidify your own follow-up actions and commitments.

Starting Each Session: Please establish a rhythm for yourself of settling in, focusing your energy and attention, and gathering your thoughts a few minutes before each appointment begins so we can start on time.

Lateness Policy: Starting on time is important. If you arrive late for a session, I reserve the right to end our session at the originally appointed time. Please, contact me by text    you are running late. If you are not available at the specified time, I will remain on the video call or wait for 15 minutes. If I don't hear from you by email or text within 15 minutes of our scheduled start time, then I will deem the session a "no show" and it will be counted towards your total session package. Any lateness incurred due to Kathy’s schedule will be added to the end of the session.

Session Cancellation Policy: All scheduled appointments must be cancelled with 24-hours advance notice to avoid being charged for the session. (Sessions that are still a "No Show" after 15 minutes will be counted toward your session total.)

Package Duration and Session Utilization Policy: There are no refunds for unused sessions. You can roll a maximum of one session to the following month upon discussion and agreement from Kathy. The "month" ends 30 days from your purchase date. Please schedule all your sessions up purchasing this package.

Contact between Sessions: You are welcome to message me through What’s App in between coaching sessions when you have a challenge, can’t wait to share a success, need some quick input on something. I generally find that us having a bit of quick back and forth in between sessions can help greatly for you to “stay productive” with whatever you are working on.

CONFIDENTIALITY - General Confidentiality Commitment: As a professional coach I abide by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics (a copy is at The coach relationship is confidential. Exceptional Exceptions to Confidentiality: 1) For coach credentialing purposes your name and contact information, but not the contents of your coaching, may be given to the International Coach Federation and other qualified organizations. 2) In highly unusual circumstances, legal requirements may demand that confidential material be revealed. 3) If a client publicly makes false and slanderous claims about my work with them, with the intent to harm HerdWise, LLC or me personally and professionally, I shall be at liberty to respond publicly to those false charges to protect my own personal and professional reputation.

I may ask you at some point during or after our process to share a testimonial about the results you are experiencing, but this is always entirely at your own discretion.


The Practice Lab PLUS - After January 13, 2024 no refunds will be issued. You will be able to book a time for you individual session once the class is underway.

Weatherford, TX, USA

Weatherford, TX, USA

HerdWise Manifesto: We invite women to embrace self-kindness and authenticity over perfectionism. Founder Kathy Taylor supports high-achieving women in finding balance and self-trust. Her unique approach combines body and nervous system awareness with horse-assisted coaching. Clients, often overwhelmed high achievers, discover inner peace and purpose. Kathy's transformational journey has impacted over 800 individuals, empowering them to thrive.

Store name : HerdWise Leadership Coaching

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