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Sound Healing & Intuitive Guidance Session


Relax and receive with the soothing frequencies and vibrations of the sound healing through voice, crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells and drums to help you re-connect with your highest truth. Sara shares any intuitive and channeled messages that she receives after the sound healing. This is a powerful and potent experience! Duration: 70 minutes.

Session Type : 1-on-1
Modality : In Person, Virtual
Language : English

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Private Sound Healing Sessions with Sara

Sound Healing is an ancient healing modality that has been used for thousands of years all around the world. It is incredibly powerful at clearing old energy and emotions, reducing stress, and putting our systems into a deeply relaxed state, so we can live a life more in balance.

Everything around us has a vibration or frequency that can be measured, felt or heard, including ourselves, all of our emotions, organs, etc. Sound Healing helps us to tune into our own resonance and specific frequencies to create an intentional shift. Intentional shifts = healing.

Through 1-1 Sound Healing & Intuitive Guidance Sessions, I use an intuitive mix of energetic healing modalities in addition to the frequencies and vibrations of the sound healing through my voice, crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells and drums – occasionally Reiki and Light Language as well. You also receive intuitive guidance and channelled messages that I receive through the sound healing that I share at the end.

Sound Healing Benefits:

I’ve been able to witness my clients experience breakthroughs and shifts in profound ways:

Stress reduction: Reducing stress, overwhelm, and finding a sense of deep rest Reducing pain: releasing pain, and bringing more ease to their physical body Energy clearing: releasing old, stuck energy Coming home to self: finding ease in relationship with self, more self love, and creating healthy habits Clarity: having powerful revelations and insights that aid them in their journeys; getting more clarity on their paths Deeper trust: overcoming fear and embodying more trust Receiving powerful messages: feeling seen and supported Intuition opening: More clearly connected with their own intuitive guidance
This is powerful, potent work, that goes right to the heart of the matter, moving as its needed. After the sessions, clients report feeling deeply relaxed, euphoric, and safe.

What to expect in a sound healing session:

We start by setting an intention, I tune into your body & energy, and begin the sound healing session where you get to sit back, relax, and feel the powerful sound waves and vibrations wash through you. As an energetic intuitive, I receive clear messages, images and visions in the session that can often explain what is happening in the body or emotions. After the sound healing, I will share what came through with you and have space to share your experience as well.

Because healing is a layered process, I often recommend the 4-session package to make the most of your healing journey (and save a bit). But I also offer single sessions so you can easily try out a Sound Healing & Intuitive Guidance session if you’ve never experienced it before!

1 70-min session – $145

3 session package – $375

These sessions can also be done in person at my home studio if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

All client sessions are held in a safe container and confidential. This is a place to let your guard down and receive.

Once purchased, this service is nonrefundable. Any reschedules need to happen 48 hours prior to the scheduled service.  Clients must log in to their account, find the booking, and reschedule before the 48-hour window expires.

After the 48-hour window has passed, the option to reschedule an appointment will no longer be available.

As a small independent practice, Future Self Healing Arts is not able to reschedule or provide refunds for no call/no show appointments.


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Fort Worth, TX, USA

Fort Worth, TX, USA

Sara Southerland is a sound healing practitioner, women’s mentor and coach who helps soulful humans bring more ease, alignment & impact to live a soul-led life. She helps those in transition step into their next chapter and follow their purpose and teaches & shares the art of sound healing.

Store name : Future Self Healing Arts

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